WIMAR SG Leadership Program 2018

Following our successful mentoring programme in 2016 and 2017, WIMAR SG launched the new Leadership Program 2018. 


2018 Accelerated Leadership Program(ALP)

We are excited to announce the launch of the WIMAR Accelerated Leadership Programme (ALP).

The programme is specifically designed for emerging leaders in the Mining and Resources industries, who are actively engaged in taking their leadership capabilities to the next level.

WIMAR is delighted to be partnering with Just Add Water to deliver the ALP. Based in London and Singapore, Just Add Water have over twenty years of experience in creating and delivery bespoke, impactful and experientially based interventions for global clients.

During the programme you will have the opportunity to learn and discover:

·       Your key strengths and what energises you

·       Your influencing capabilities and how to utilise them

·       Your mind-set, values and beliefs and the importance of these intrinsic motivators

·       Your role as a leader in shaping culture through collective and distributed leadership

·       The value of storytelling as a leader in creating a common language

·       The Importance of networks and how to build them

We all learn by doing and through application of ideas and processes. The ALP will be no different and is designed to both energise and excite, be impactful and challenging and to be an inflection point for you as you continue your leadership journey in Mining and Resources.

ALP will be a blended learning experience – face to face, online self-learning and tripartner support. There are 3 stages:

Stage 1 -  online psychometric Assessment, followed by a personalized one on one telecon debrief with a certified coach.

Stage 2 –  2 x 1 day modules delivered as a single group by two world-class Just Add Water facilitators, with a gap of 8 weeks

Stage 3 – Learning Groups (3 participants per group) to maintain personal commitment to continued learning and encourage the embedding of attitudinal and behavioural shifts for leadership growth.


13th June: Stage 2 Module 1

21st August: Stage 2 Module 2