WIMAR SG Inclusion & Diversity Awards 2018


The WIMAR SG Inclusion & Diversity Awards is back again. This year we have revamped the awards and have come out with 4 different awards (2 individual and 2 group awards). Have you made tremendous contribution in establishing a culture of inclusion and diversity in your work space or the mining and resources industry? Let us know what you have done and maybe you stand a great chance of winning one of the awards.

The winners will be announced at our Annual Gala Dinner on November 30 2018


Categories and Criteria for awards:

Individual Awards:

Leadership Award: This award recognizes an exemplary leadership of an individual spearheading inclusion and diversity in the workplace and industry.

Connect Award: This award recognizes an outstanding individual being a catalyst for diversity and inclusion at the workplace.


Inspire Award: This award recognizes an exceptional Company/Team that is paving the way for diversity and inclusion at the workplace and in the industry.

Progress Award: This award recognizes an outstanding Company/Team which has seen tremendous improvement in its culture of inclusion and diversity.


Frequently asked questions

1.      Must I be from the resources and energy industry to contest for the awards?


 2.      Is there an example of an application form filled up? I do not know how detailed to be.

Here are past year’s winning entries for Individual and Group category

 3.      What is the judging Criteria?

To find out more about the Judging Criteria for the Awards, please click here.

4.      What is the awards timeline?


5.      Can I Nominate Someone? What will happen if I fill up the Nominator form?

The Nominees will be notified by email that they have been nominated and be asked to fill up the respective form for the award they were nominated for. Here is the link to nominate others.

6.      Judging Panel

Our judging panel has been curated to include experienced advocates of gender inclusion and diversity programs. The panelists are not from the mining and resources industry for the purpose of impartiality.

7.      For Inspire/Progress Award can I take part in it with my team? Are the awards presented only to Companies?

Yes, you can take part in it with your team. Groups within companies, non-profit groups, councils and/or forums that actively champion gender diversity in the mining and resources sector are all welcomed. Teams that have displayed outstanding performance will stand an equal chance as companies that take part as a whole.

 8.      Can I nominate the same entity for more than one category?

Yes you can. However, nominees are required to fill up the nominee form in high detail. It would be ideal if they are nominated for the category in which they stand the best chances to win.

 If you have any other queries, email us at wimardiversityawards@gmail.com.